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Paul & Angie our Friendly Team

                                               Get to know our friendly team.  We have experience with design and computer related issues.


How often have you had the following experience?


You’re having problems with your computer. You call one of those big companies.
First you have to listen to their menu options. After you select an option, you wait forever while you endure their plug-in music.


Finally you get one of their Customer Service Representatives, who asks you endless questions, but still can’t solve your problem.
So he tells you he will connect you with his supervisor.

More plug-in music.


We’re different.


We’re a small company. In fact, it’s just us here-Paul & Angie. No Customer Service Reps.
Not even a secretary. You will always speak directly to us.


If your computer needs repairing, you will speak directly to Paul,
and Paul is the one who will come to your location and get you and your computer back in business.


If you need a unique and appealing Logo or Web Design, you will speak directly to Angie,
and you will deal only with Angie until your design is completed to your satisfaction.